An internet-integrator since 1998

What we do

Servers We are a so-called "white-label" company. We register domain-names and host websites mainly for webdesign-companies whose ambition it is to focus on building websites. Because of our long experience we are always a step ahead of many of the hosting-company's you'll find on the internet. By the years we have build many contacts with several suppliers and customers, needed for staying a flexible and quick internet-company.

Our Mission

Servers Our main goal is to specialize in the things we do, if we are not the best or in full control of services we provide, we stop providing them. That's why we don't build websites or manage datacenters anymore, nor resell products from other companies.
We focus on companies that need a reliant partner who they can trust. So you won't find a marketing-division with us, we don't sell cooked air, or cloud-solutions (most "cloud-solutions" is virtualisation, which we do for more then 10 years). Our growth is mainly due to acquisitions/mergers with partners and word of mouth advertising. We are proud that we can say: we have never lost a customer who was not satisfied by our services.

Now let's speak some Chinese

  • We have private-rooms, racks and colo's in serveral datacenters in several countries.
  • We manage our own IP's and our own Routing.
  • We are registrar for many TLD's, with most of them we have a real-time-connection.
  • We manage our own webservers, most ot them on Apache/mod-php or Cpanel Apache/Nginx with suphp
  • We were one of the first company's that applied for .be-registrar
  • We were one of the first that enrolled DNSsec as default.
  • We were one of the first that made our systems compatible with IDN-domainnames
  • We were one of the first that enabled IPv6 on our network
  • By default we encrypt our passwords to the highest possible combination
  • By default we turn off many unused services on webservers

Yet we don't follow every trend on the internet:

  • We are on facebook and twitter: but we don't use it.
  • We don't have a live-chat
  • We don't need a VOIP-telephone
  • We don't blindly use SSL for every site, SSL is not a security-thing but a privacy-thing!
  • We don't offer cloud-solutions, only a few very big firms can offer this, mostly it's marketing-talk for virtualization (which we use since 2004)
  • We don't oversell bandwidth or even webspace!
  • We have no "free"-products or add ons, at any company you will pay ultimately for them, mostly through another service/product.

... and so on, but if you haven't got the picture yet, we'll need extra pages.